81. Deals Off

Imagine a guy is late for a meeting. He’s driving his car; he needs to find a parking spot. The meeting starts at 12 o’clock sharp, and it’s ten to 12 and he begins sweating. He’s got to get all the way upstairs, he’s got to be ready for this meeting, and he can’t find a spot. He circles the block once, he circles the block a second time. It’s now five to 12, he’s sweating bullets. He goes around a third time, and now he’s really starting to get nervous. It’s three minutes to 12. He turns to Hashem and he says Hashem, Hashem, please help me, please help me, please. He circles a fourth time and it’s two minutes to 12. Hashem, I promise if you find me a spot I promise I’ll begin learning daf hayomi (daily page of Talmud study) every day like a mentch (upstanding person). Please, Hashem, please. Right at that moment a beam of sun shines, and there’s a spot. He had been around the block five times already, the spot wasn’t there. But suddenly this beam of sun illuminates that spot and he sees a perfect parking spot right in front of the building. He looks up to Hashem and he says Hashem, deal’s off, I found one myself, I don’t need help, thank You. He parks his car and goes up to the meeting.

Many times we see Hashem in our life, but we miss the cues. We see things happening, we see things unfolding, but we forget who’s orchestrating them. It looks like it’s my good luck, my wisdom, it just happened. Training my eye to see Hashem actively running my life allows me to begin to understand that Hashem is the One Who is responsible. I won’t always understand the why’s, I won’t always understand why Hashem is bringing me to this situation, but training my eye to see Hashem and training my eye to understand that Hashem has a much bigger picture and that Hashem is bringing me to what He understands is best for me.