66. Trusting HASHEM’S End of The Story

Many times you hear people say I have bitachon. I have bitachon that everything is going to turn out well. I have bitachon I’m going to make a lot of money. I have bitachon that my children will be healthy and well. I have bitachon that everything in life is going to go just the way I want it to be. And while that may sound nice, that has very little to do with bitachon. Bitachon isn’t trusting that Hashem will do that which I want Him to do, bitachon means trusting that Hashem knows better than I what’s for my best.

Bitachon means I trust in Hashem. I trust in Hashem’s guidance, I trust in Hashem’s plan. I go about this world in the ways of the world. To support my family I open a business because that seems wisest to me. To stay healthy I pursue an exercise course and I eat right. I use my best wisdom to determine what seems to me to be the best, but I trust that Hashem knows better than I what the final outcome is. I don’t trust that Hashem will do my will, I don’t trust that Hashem will finish the story the way I think it should end. I go through the motions, I put in my best effort, according to my understanding. But I fully trust that Hashem has a better understanding of what I need. I don’t trust in my version, I trust in Hashem’s version. I trust that Hashem is guiding me throughout life.