65. I am not Beholden To Any Man

One of the results of bitachon, of trusting in Hashem, is a sense that I’m not beholden to any man. I don’t fear any man, I don’t give in on points that I shouldn’t. I understand that Hashem controls every outcome. I act with tremendous respect to all men, because that’s the way that Hashem wants me to act, but I don’t fear them. This understanding that no human being can change my destiny, no human being can harm me, no human being can help me frees me from being beholden to other people. If someone does me a tremendous favor, I’m appreciative for their good will, for their good wishes. I also recognize if he didn’t do it, I would have gotten the money otherwise.

I’m not filled with fear or trepidation. If someone threatens me, someone acts in a scary mode and says to me he’s going to end my career, he’s going to cause me all kinds of difficulty, I turn to my Creator and I say I understand that You are the One Who runs the world. I will act with this person in the ways of the world, I’ll guard myself, I’ll be as vigilant as I should be, but I fully understand no human being can help me, no human being can harm me. I’m not beholden to any human beings.