62. Things Are As Good As They Can Be

I only had the opportunity to know my wife’s grandfather when he was already an older man. And one time I said to him, Zaidy, how are things going? And he said baruch Hashem (thank G-d), great, things are as good as they could be. And I was a little bit taken aback, because he was past 80, he had lost his wife already, his health was failing, and in general things were not going as well as you might expect. He was suffering in many ways. And when I asked him how are things going he said baruch Hashem things are as good as they possibly can be. I said to him what do you mean? And he said, obviously, things are as good as they could be. If they could be better, they would be better. The fact that they aren’t means that they are exactly as good as they could be.

And with that expression he put forth one of the very basics of our emunah (belief) system. Hashem loves me and Hashem is deeply concerned for my good. This situation that I’m currently in is exactly that which Hashem wanted, exactly that which Hashem planned, and it’s as good as it could be. Is there pain? Is there suffering? Is there worries? Maybe. But I know that this is for my best. I know that Hashem is concerned deeply for my good, Hashem is guiding me, and I know that things are exactly as good as they can be. There are different stages that a person goes through in life, different stations, and I fully know that everything that Hashem does is for the best. I walk and I follow with complete trust in my Creator.