59. I’ve Done All I Can – Now it’s Up to G-d

I want you to imagine a fellow who is about 100 pounds overweight and smokes two packs of cigarettes a day. And he’s beginning to feel the effects; he’s sick. And he turns to Hashem and he says Hashem, Hashem, why me? I’m such a good person, I learn, I daven (pray), I give tzedakah (charity). Why am I sick?

That person is asking a foolish question. Don’t go blaming G-d for your mistakes. Don’t go blaming G-d for your problems. Hashem created the world and expects us to use it in a given way. To remain healthy you’re supposed to eat properly, exercise, and take care of your health. If you smoke two packs a day and eat more cholesterol than a human body could possibly handle, don’t go blaming G-d for your problems. And if you have an obnoxious personality and you’re very difficult to live with and people don’t like you, your wife divorces you, your kids don’t talk to you, and you say Hashem, Hashem, why is my life so difficult — don’t go blaming G-d for your problems. Your job is to use the world in the ways of the world, your job is to be a mentch (upstanding person), and then understand that Hashem will do exactly what Hashem feels should be. But don’t mess up in using the world and then go blame G-d for your problems. Hashem does the best for you, but you have to do your part.