57.Real Bitachon

The Jewish People walked through the Yam Suf with tremendous miracles. They were saved and the entire Egyptian nation was killed out. As soon as the reality settled in, Moshe Rabbeinu sang shirah (song of praise) to Hashem. And after he and the men were finished, Miriam and the women went out to sing shirah as well. But the pasuk (verse) is very clear that when Miriam and the women went out, they went b’tupim u’b’machalos, with drums and tambourines. And Rashi is bothered by the question this is the desert, where did they have tambourines from, where did they have drums to go out singing and dancing with? Explains Rashi tzidkaniyos, they were righteous women. Muvtachos hayu, they were certain that Hashem would bring miracles, and they recognized that they would have to celebrate, so they took out of Mitzrayim various small drums and tambourines so that they could celebrate appropriately.

If you’d like to think about this Rashi, it’s a rather dramatic point. When everyone was running out of Mitzrayim, taking their belongings and worrying we’re going into the desert, who knows what’s going to be there, we need food, we need water, these women said wait a minute, Hashem is going to bring miracles, we have to celebrate. How do you know, how do you know Hashem’s going to bring miracles? How do you know there are going to be nisim (miracles)? Because we’ve seen it before, we know it’s going to happen again.

These women had a powerful sense of bitachon, a tremendous sense of trust in Hashem. As they were rushing out they said wait, it’s going to happen. Hashem’s going to bring miracles; we’re going to need to celebrate. They were so conscious of it, so aware of it, that as they were leaving they left holding tambourines.

When you read a Rashi like this you begin to understand what real bitachon is. A tremendous sense of calm, a sense that Hashem is here all the time, a sense of wow, I can’t wait to see how Hashem gets me out of this. That sense of calm takes years and years of work. That sense of calm comes only when a person has reached greatness. But when you read stories and you read chazal (our sages) about people who reached true bitachon, it can be a motivating force. We may not be there yet, but we have what to aspire to. To recognize that Hashem is completely and totally involved in everything that we do.