48. Theres Always Something to Worry About

The Chovos Halevavos defines bitachon as menuchas nefesh habotei’ach, a relaxing, a calmness, a sense of equanimity, a sense of things are okay, I’m taken care of. If a person trusts in Hashem, there is that sense of calm. But if a person doesn’t train himself to trust in Hashem he can never have that sense of calmness. Why? Because even if you have a successful business, there are things that happen. Clients that leave, accounts that won’t pay, workers that grumble. And even if your business is well taken care of, there are issues of health. And even if you’re young and healthy there’s a marriage that will greatly affect you. And even if your shalom bayis (marital harmony) is fine, you have kids and issues with them. And even if that’s not a problem you have in-laws and neighbors, shul politics. And when you begin to think about the gamut, the range of problems and issues that can and will befall you, unless a person trains himself to trust in Hashem, he will constantly be filled with fear, with dread, with trepidations, because the reality is that things happen.

When I understand that I’m supposed to go through the motions and I understand that Hashem has a plan in mind, there’s a very clear sense of calmness. I’m supposed to do my part, but I know that Hashem knows where I’m going, Hashem has a clear plan. I go through the motions, but I rely on my Creator. There’s a menuchas nefesh habotei’ach, a relaxing sense of calm, of happiness. Hashem has my back, but more than that, Hashem is guiding me throughout life with a plan, with a purpose. And there’s a very real sense of calm and happiness within me.