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45. Sorry I Forgot You Were Here

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While we all like to assume that we’re baalei bitachon, we trust in Hashem, the reality sometimes is quite different than that. And I’ll share with you a personal example. Many a day when I start shemoneh esrei (the silent prayer), as I’m about to begin I almost want to apologize as in, oh, Hashem, I forgot You were here. You see, when I start shemoneh esrei, I begin communicating to my Creator, and many a time in the busyness of my day, running, doing, et cetera, I forget that fact. If I forget that fact, then the concept of bitachon is very difficult. The essence of all emunah (belief), the essence of all bitachon is recognizing that Hashem is present, and that awareness has to become a part of my reality. To work on that reality, to work on that understanding requires a lot of time. But the more I work on it, the more I understand it, the more I learn to see Hashem active in my daily life, the more I’m able to actually then transfer my heavy load to Hashem. I’m able to recognize that Hashem is there, and I’m able to learn to trust Hashem to take care of my needs.

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