#3 A Diamond With a Flaw

I want you to imagine that in my hands I’m holding two diamonds. In my right hand is a 10 carat beautiful diamond with a slight flaw, but a beautiful, beautiful diamond. In my left hand is a 10 carat diamond, but absolutely flawless, internally, externally, a perfect diamond. If I would have asked you what is the difference in value between these two diamonds, likely you would say immense, dramatic — and you’d be correct.

You see, the diamond in my right hand that has a slight flaw, a 10 carat diamond, beautiful color, fine, brilliant, with a flaw, is worth tens of thousands of dollars. But the 10 carat diamond in my other hand that is completely flawless internally and externally is worthless. Because the only place that they make flawless diamonds is in the laboratory; it’s a fake.

As a matter of fact, one of the first things that a jeweler would look for is the flaw in the diamond. Because any diamond that comes out of the ground has a flaw. Albeit small, albeit almost unnoticeable, but by definition every diamond has a flaw. And if you find a completely perfect diamond, it means it’s not real. And I believe that’s an important principle for life. Likely it is if you’re working on an area, you’re going to feel on a certain level I have a problem, I’m flawed. And most people self-destruct with that understanding. They say to themselves I’m a flawed individual. I can’t control myself, what’s my problem, what’s my issue?

The way that you’re supposed to look at yourself is I am a diamond with a flaw. I have tremendous value, I accomplish tremendous things, I can accomplish tremendous things — and I have a flaw. So if I have a flaw, I’m damaged goods? That is correct. Much like a diamond that can be infinitely valuable but has a flaw, I am a human being and human beings by definition have flaws. This is my flaw. I don’t have to deny it, I don’t have to pretend it doesn’t exist. I can look myself in the eye and say to myself I have a flaw, but that doesn’t make me worthless. I still have tremendous value, I still can accomplish tremendous things. I am a very, very valuable diamond with a flaw. Both are correct, both are accurate. Understanding my value, understanding I have a flaw, one doesn’t negate the other, both are the reality.

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