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21# Elephant Trunk

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A male African Elephant weighing 14,000 lbs. at full maturity stands 11 feet tall at its shoulders and it is a massive, graceful animal.  One of the most amazing things about the elephant is trunk.  That appendage on the front of the elephant is comprised of some 40,000 muscles, and sinews that work together to allow it to pick up things and to control its environment.  The elephant is so agile with its trunk that it could pick up a dime off the floor yet that trunk is so powerful that it can lift logs weighing hundreds of lbs. easily with it.  Why is it that God gave the elephant such a long appendage?  The answer is the elephant eats a tremendous amount of food.

And average large elephant in the wild will eat as much as 350 lbs. a day of vegetation.  All day long it has to bend from the ground.  All day long it has to reach and God gave it this appendage so that it could easily earn its keep so that it shouldn’t have to bend down constantly to reach down.  It shouldn’t have to lift up to reach higher.  God granted it this very agile, very mobile appendage to allow it to earn its keep, to allow it to feed itself.  And when you see the wisdom and when you see the kindliness that God put into the various features in the wild kingdom you begin to recognize the nature of our creator, the wisdom, the kindliness, and the giving nature with which he created the entire world.

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