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20# Wildbeest Gait

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The wildebeest is an interesting animal.  Known as the cow of the Serengeti, it’s a bit ungainly but it does look something like a small cow and it lives in Africa in a very wild part of the world.  Now, what’s interesting about the wildebeest is that it runs very, very quickly.  Very, very quickly.  As a matter of fact, it runs so quickly that in fact the lions, the hyenas, and et cetera that love to feast on it often have a difficult time catching it.  But here’s the interesting point.  When the mother gives birth to the baby wildebeest within ten minutes the wildebeest is up on its feet running full speed with the flock.

Because if in fact the wildebeest baby were to dawdle, were to have some trouble the hyenas or the lions would eat it but within 10 minutes of birth the baby wildebeest is running full speed with the adults.  But here is the most amazing part.  There are different gaits that animals will run with.  Some animals run front two paws then back to paws, then front two paws, back two paws.  Some animals run left front and back right then left rear and right front.  They run in a very coordinated manner.  The wildebeest has one of the most sophisticated gaits of any animal running and when scientists film it and they see the timing of the feet movement it’s down to the microsecond, meaning to say that when that baby’s born not only does he have the full maturity physically in terms of the skeletal system and the muscles needed, the coordination is so precise that within 10 minutes after birth he’d running full gait with a full speed of a adult wildebeest.  Think of a human baby who at 10 months takes his or her first step and after the first step the third step, falls down and mommy goes, “Yay!  Wonderful.”  That’s not the wildebeest running full speed almost from birth because that’s what’s necessary for its survival.

And when you study some of the features that God put into the world, gave to the animal kingdom, you see the capacity of our creator.  You see his wisdom.  You have an eye glimpse to see the greatness of our creator.

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