13. Following the Inclination

Sometimes it’s tempting to say well, if I would go into this industry, or this line, I’d make so much more money. And even though it’s true that my nature, my tendency, my inclinations is to do this sort of work, but I’d make so much more money if I would do something else. And this is something that’s been proven time after time after time to be completely false.

I remember there was one fellow who really enjoyed food service. He enjoyed catering, that was really his thing. But he decided he had to make a living and you can’t make a living in that sort of industry, so he became a dentist. Now, as a dentist he was not particularly skilled, it really didn’t suit him and he didn’t do very well. But he opened a Pesach program and he did phenomenally.

This understanding that Hashem gives me a particular inclination, Hashem gives me aptitude, Hashem gave me the tools, I’m supposed to use them, I’m supposed to go into the marketplace and ask myself in what manner can I intelligently apply these. And then I’m supposed to know that that’s exactly what Hashem wants me to do. I won’t earn any more money by being a dentist or a lawyer, an accountant or a doctor. I have to follow exactly the inclinations that Hashem gave me. I’m supposed to use them intelligently and then I’m supposed to know that that’s what Hashem wants me to do to earn my living.