#11 For Married Men

If you’re married, and you’re struggling with this issue, there is a technique that is very beneficial and is to be encouraged. You should have an image of your wife in your mind in a position that you consider desirous, and have that image in your mind ready and available.

What happens is when you’re walking on the street and there’s another woman and you want to look, or maybe you do look, if you actually see her and you feel yourself desiring her, you say to yourself that’s a pretty woman, but I’d much rather my wife. And you pull that image of your wife up in your mind and you say this woman, my wife, is beautiful; I desire her.

You can’t fight images in your brain by not thinking about them, but you can focus on other things. If you’re married, one of the great techniques is to be happily married, to have an image of your wife that you use in part of your battle, that’s one of the techniques that a person uses to help himself overcome. You can admit someone else is pretty, but that doesn’t matter. She might be prettier than my wife, but it doesn’t matter, it’s not she I desire, it’s my wife I desire, and you pull up that image of your wife in your mind’s eye, and you stick to it and you allow the other image to pass away. This is one of the great techniques for gaining control over your thinking.

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