#1 Dealing With Failure

Every once in a while you feel like a failure. Maybe you failed a particular test; you blew it, or in general you’re at a stage in life where you realize that I’m not quite who I could be, who

#2 The SIT Diet

When my wife had our first child, she went on the SIT Diet. Not everyone knows what this diet is, but basically it’s quite simple. You take a large wedge of chocolate cake in this hand, you take a diet

#3 A Diamond With a Flaw

I want you to imagine that in my hands I’m holding two diamonds. In my right hand is a 10 carat beautiful diamond with a slight flaw, but a beautiful, beautiful diamond. In my left hand is a 10 carat

#4 Knowing How to Count

I have a personal guarantee that I’d like to share with you. If you are working on any area in life, be it anger, be it arrogance, be it davening (praying) with kavanah (concentration), be it tayvah (lust), I guarantee

#5 Don’t Think About a Pink Elephant

Lo sasuru acharei eineichem (do not veer after your eyes). The Gemara (Talmud) tells us what this means is if a man looks at a woman for the person of being neheneh (enjoying) in a sexual manner, he violates a

#6 Using Powerful Techniques

A fellow once called me up that he was working with a young man who had an irrepressible desire for a particular woman, a married woman. He couldn’t help it, he constantly would see her, wherever it may be, and

#7 Two Parts to Man’s Soul

If you want to work on desire, you have to fundamentally understand yourself. And to do that you have to understand the way your Creator fashioned you and formed you. The Chovos Halevavos in Sha’ar Avodas Elokim explains that when

#8 How to Lose Like a Winner

Every coach is focused on how to win. Every athlete always focuses on how do I win the battle, how do I win the fight. I’d like to teach you how to lose. And the way you lose is you

#9 Learning How to Take a Punch

When I was a young man I was learning in blatt shiur (Talmud lecture) and the Rosh Yeshiva zatzal encouraged us greatly to create mussar vaadim. What’s a mussar va’ad? A mussar va’ad is a small group of young men,

#10 Getting Up Off the Floor

You’ll excuse me for asking this question, but what is the most feminine of competitive sports? What’s the most lady-like of competitive sports? Now, different people have different answers. Shopping is not an answer. But I’d like to share with