#7. I Could Have Done Better

After a while, most people come to the realization that their spouse isn’t perfect. A man may notice that there are women more attractive than his wife. A woman might see that there are men who make more money than

#6 I’m Not Ready to Change

You see, from the moment that you arrived into this world, it’s been all about you. What do you need? What will serve you well? What’s best for you? As an infant, it was all about your schedule and your

#5. It’s Not Your Job to Change Your Spouse

When they were dating, it was so exhilarating. He was always filled with energy, always moving. It filled her with a sense of excitement. Now, after three years of marriage, she finds his ADHD behavior vexing. He’s always late. He’s

#4 Really Dumb Mistake: Forgetting that You Guys Are Friends

It’s six thirty at night. A young man comes home from work, enters his apartment, plops himself down on the coach, pulls out the newspaper, and buries himself in the news. Meanwhile, his wife over in the kitchen can’t believe

#3. It’s Respect First, Love Second

A husband and wife are walking when suddenly he trips. “Oy!” she cries out. “Are you OK?! I hope you’re not hurt.” “It’s OK. It’s OK,” he responds. “I’m fine.” Let’s revisit the scenario. The same man and woman. The

#2 They forget that infatuation is effortless and that real love takes work.

It’s not what HASHEM wanted Imagine you meet an old friend. You have haven’t seen him in years, and you barely recognize him because he’s huge. When you were kids, he was a toothpick, but now he’s a hundred pounds

#1 It wasn’t love; it was magic, and the magic wore off

Almost every couple has that moment of revelation. It may be two weeks after the wedding or two months after, but one morning either he or she wakes up and thinks, “Oh my gosh! I don’t believe it. I made