Don’t Go Blaming HASHEM for Your Mistakes

We human beings are blind to our own flaws. We tend to blame everyone but ourselves when things go wrong. If you weigh four hundred pounds, and smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, don’t go blaming HASHEM when you

We Are So Different

The perfect match isn’t one of two like people Two like people don’t exist In most successful marriages there are great differences in Temperament Nature Style Behavior Outlook And Values Any two people will be different You were brought up

He Has a Flaw

What happens when you find out that the person you have been going out with has a flaw? He’s too late She’s too sloppy He’s too neat She’s too excitable He’s too fancy She’s too plain She’s too into clothing

I know What I Need

Often when involved in a dating situation, a young man or young woman will say: “Yes, I enjoy her company…” “Yes, I look forward to the next date…” “Yes, it’s getting better…” “But….I know what I need.” “I know who

I Just Can’t Decide

Often what happens at some point in the dating process is that either he, or she, agrees that things are going well: I enjoy his /her company I look forward to the dates He / she comes from a fine

I Could Do Better

One of the issues that block a couple from moving forward can be a sense that: “Things are going well but,… I can do better.” It is true. You might well find better   You might find someone who is:

When to say no

A “No” is a definitive conclusion. To say no to a person, you have to be able to say with certainty, that that this is not the right one. You have to know the person well enough to say “I

I’m not attracted

Attraction is very important for a successful marriage And if in fact, you really aren’t attracted to this person, it might be a sign that they aren’t for you. However, there are certain things that need to be kept in

The Bashert Test

The Bashert test is an intuitive, natural process. It consists of allowing that super computer called the human brain to guide you to find the one that HASHEM has chosen for you—the one that’s right for you. The conscious mind

The Paper Test

Preferably, before the two individuals meet – before there is any emotional involvement You answer the question:  On paper are they a match In very broad terms: Are they looking for the same type of lifestyle? Are they in about